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Board of Directors

Rhianna Trefry, Chair
Diane Kline, Treasurer
Aida Franquiz, Clerk
Benjamin Daniels
Gerardo Espinoza
Edic Herrera
Yajaira Moore
Brighton Lew
Alana Olsen
Chrissy Padilla
Irma Rodriguez
Nathan Spencer
Gosia Tomaszewska
Charlie Vasiliades
Alejandra Velasquez
Vivian Wu

Directors must live or work in Allston Brighton. Criteria for board election include commitment to ABCDC goals as demonstrated by volunteer work on committees or related activities, insuring representation of all the neighborhood’s ethnic groups, and professional skills that can contribute to the organization. One-third of all board members is elected annually by ABCDC’s membership to ensure continuity in leadership.

The major functions of the board include approving the budget, hiring the executive director, reviewing and approving personnel and benefits policies, approving annual goals for the organization, making programmatic and policy decisions, developing ABCDC’s strategic plan, and representing the organization at community coalitions and state-wide events.

The board has the following committees: Executive, Governance, Finance, Housing, and Asset Development, as well as ad-hoc committees as needed